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Strap Lock SCHULTZ are a low-cost alternative that provide additional protection for your instruments.

Strap Lock "Strap Lock" (Two Pieces)

  • With no need for modification, the SCHULTZ Strap Look

    fit over the strap knobs on your instruments to prevent the strap from accidentally coming off.

    In addition, the Latches serve to secure the cable of your instruments, preventing the plug from being unintentionally pulled from the input connector.


    • Contains 02 (two) units.

    Material: Resistant Plastic.

    Guarantee of 90 days after the issuance of the Invoice.

    Validity: Indeterminate.



    1 - Place the strap on the instrument:

    2 - With the handle in place, place the clip onto the handle button using the large end of the keyhole, making sure the bottom of the clip is under the head of the handle button.

    3 - Slide the clip until the handle knob is in the smaller diameter of the keyhole, allowing the upper half of the clip to fit around the handle knob;

    4 - To secure the cable in place, thread the cable through the loop section of the clip before latching the bottom handle knob. This will prevent the plug from being pulled from the input jack.

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