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At the age of 12, I had my first contact with music, through a guitar that my father gave me.

From then on, I never stopped! I studied guitar at ULM (Free University of Music Tom Jobim) in São Paulo and had the pleasure of being a student of Master Olmir Stocker   in the late 90's and early 2000's. I even had some bands and even taught classes to some students, but it ended up that life took me to other airs.  


I currently work in the industrial sector, I have a thermoplastic injection company for 15 years and a precision tool shop, where I make plastic injection molds.

Our factory is located in São Paulo, in the Jabaquara region. We have a plant of 800 square meters, distributed in 3 sectors: Thermoplastic injection, sheet metal stamping and tooling.

We have a complete vertical structure, where notwe depend on third-party services to carry out our work.

I remember well when I was a beginner in music, or even after I had already traced a good path in the musical universe, how difficult it was to find picks that I liked to use and that fit my playing style.

In addition, they were only imported, very expensive and still are, to this day.

So, ever since I got into the plastic transformation business, I've stuck with this idea of making some picks.

I built the molds slowly and calmly, developing something with an innovative design, and always thinking of reaching a“ideal” point even though it is something of personal taste.

Palhetas Personalizadas Palhetas para guitarra violão cavaquinho banjo palhetada alternada contra baixo

I had an “insight” regarding the product: I want to put it in the hands of those who need something of quality,

at an affordable price!

I developed a model with a more aggressive design (FAST Model), with a sharper tip, since I sanded the ones I bought to make it look that way! They allow me to attack the strings without having to bring the pick too close. The more pointed end reduces friction with the strings. Less friction and more precision! 

I also developed a model with an ergonomic design (MATRA Model), with some subtle curves and a slightly less accentuated tip than the Fast, a little smaller in size, promoting more comfort for those who like

this style of pick. 

We are working on new models to meet the needs of guitarists.

The material used to manufacture the blades is a mixture of polymers, the result of intense research. I achieved a very interesting result, as I developed a super-resistant material that produces a unique timbre, in addition to promoting an excellent finish. They are polymers that have molecules closer to each other, that is,

it is a denser material, difficult to wear (high durability).

I've been using one for about 3 months now and the wear is almost imperceptible. I researched a lot to get to this point!

We are manufacturing high performance reeds made with the latest technology, a product for those who really play!

We want to compete with imported products at a much more affordable price.

We also took care to make a very nice little box, with an attractive design, very beautiful, in an interesting size,

where you can store approximately 15 reeds or more.


Palhetas Personalizadas Palhetas para guitarra violão cavaquinho banjo palhetada alternada contra baixo
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