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The Aton model is a traditional size model (larger format) and with a more rounded tip.

It was inspired to serve musicians of the most varied styles. Due to its larger format, it has more mass, making the “rebound” softer and it has a “warm”, “velvety” sound.




ATON 2.0 mm

  • Measurements: 

    Thickness: 2.0 mm

    Length: 3.0cm

    Width: 2.5 cm


    Colors:check and select available colors that are just below the value!


    One of the main differentials of our picks is the material used for manufacturing. It is a mixture of polymers, the result of intense research....

    We achieved a very interesting result, as we developed a super resistant material, with a unique timbre and that promotes an excellent finish.

    They are polymers with molecules closer to each other, denser, difficult to wear.

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