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Top Press (Topper) Schultz was produced with the highest technology and innovative design to serve customers with good taste and demanding quality.




1 - There are Pedal Manufacturers that DO NOT use the standard switch (3PDT Foot Switch with a diameter of 10mm (TEN MILLIMETERS). Therefore, check if your equipment has a 10mm switch (s). If not, the Top Press may not fit, if the key is greater than 10mm, or loose if it is less than 10mm.


2 - The standard activation switches (3PDT Foot Switch with a diameter of 10mm - TEN MILLIMETERS) used in pedals, pedalboards, foot switches and the like, have minimal variations in diameter. Thus, it can be noticed that, when fitting the toppers in their equipment, some can enter with more pressure and others with less.


This product is used in 3PDT Foot Switches with a diameter of 10mm (TEN MILLIMETERS), in Effect Pedals, Pedals, Foot Switch's and similar (see images).

It is a very interesting item, as it has important functions:

1 - Increases the diameter and height of the Switch, facilitating access to some hard-to-reach footswitches;

2 - Prevents dirt from entering, increasing the useful life of your equipment;

3 - Association of the color of the button to the effect you want to use;

4 - Excellent for Foot Switches with or without LED;

5 - Promotes a more beautiful visual effect to your equipment.


Top Press measurements: 2.5cm diameter x 1.3cm height. Inner diameter (fitting) 10mm.

Packaging Measurements (acrylic box): 8cm Length x 5.5cm Width x 2.3cm Height.

Top Press (Single)

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